Any individual not below the age of 18 years with sound mind and is in agreement with aims and objected rules and regulations of the trust shall be eligible to become member of the trust subject to the approval of the trust board without the power to vote. The desirous persons shall have to apply to the Settler-cum-Founder-cum-Managing Trustee-cum-National President or President or Secretary on the prescribed membership form with applications fee of Rs. 100/- not to be refund or adjusted in any case. The Founder-cum-Managing Trustee or President or Secretary shall have the full power to accept or reject the form with or without any reason. The decision of the president shall be final and shall pay the membership fee as per below schedule:-

     *Terms & Conditions applicable 
      Cash is not Accepted Against Membership Fee.

(on Requset Only Accept Cash  in Head Office Kurukshetra )

Application & Membership Fees is Non-Refundable.